Traditional Curtain

Teles, with their diversity of colors, textures and transparencies, offer infinite decorative;

Possibilities and allow the creation of cozy, warm and harmonious atmospheres.

There is a wide variety of fabrics to improve light control; 

We find fabric curtains which are thicker although they let light through and provide privacy. 

We can also choose lighter and decorative fabrics that allow light to flood your home, on the other hand we find totally opaque fabrics that completely block the passage of light.

Cortina Tradicional


Great diversity of fabrics to achieve a natural look and a cozy atmosphere.

With 10 types of fabrics to choose from.

We offer a wide selection of rods and rails.

To be taken into account  

Depending on the type of construction, the same fabric can produce curtains with different looks.

If you choose Ola perfecto, you will get a curtain with a neat and modern look.

If you choose Frunjit, this same fabric will become a more classic and traditional curtain.